About the National Horticultural Field Day

The dates are set for our 2018 National Horticultural Field Day - Thursday 28 June 2018 at Showgrounds Hawke's Bay. 

The National Horticultural Field Day is an industry-only, one day business to business event. The Field Day is a purely Horticulture event, creating fantastic opportunities for networking, education and development, whilst celebrating horticulture in New Zealand. 

As the Field Day grows year on year, it is ticking all the right boxes to be the most important Horticulture event on the industry calendar. 

Representation from industry increases each year as does attendance from all over New Zealand giving you as a
trade exhibitor a stronger industry presence and fantastic networking and sales opportunities. 

Visitor numbers are expected to be around 5,000. Visitors attend from all over New Zealand, from the deep South to far North, due to the unique nature of the event as the only industry-specific Horticultural trade show.

The trade component of the field day is the backbone to its’ success. Providing a ‘pure horticulture’ focus means attendees are not clouded by lifestyle or agricultural focussed trades. 

There are a range of options for trade exhibitors across both indoor and outdoor trade areas with plenty of space for demonstrations and interactive displays. 

Building on the success of 2017!

The National Horticulture Field Day will build on the success of the 2017 event, expanding further onto the Showgrounds Main Arena, creating more outdoor sites and giving each exhibitor prime frontage for foot traffic.

Special thanks to our longstanding family of sponsors


New Zealand's Leading Horticultural Industry Event


Click here to complete your trade site application for your 2018 National Horticultural Field Day Trade site. 

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For more information, please contact Mell Anderson, Trades Executive or 06 878 3123


As the Field Day grows year on year, we will have another fantastic day of Horticulture trades, business networking and a true showcase of New Zealand's Horticulture industry. 

The trade component of the Field Day is the backbone to its’ success. Providing a ‘pure Horticulture’ focus means attendees are not clouded by lifestyle or agricultural focussed trades. The National Horticultural Field Day visitors are an industry focussed, quality audience. 

We offer a range of options for trade exhibitors across both indoor and outdoor trade areas with plenty of space for demonstrations and interactive displays. Visitors enjoy talking directly to their suppliers and consultants, seeing new technology first hand and demonstrations of top-of-the-line machinery and products.

If you need to get face to face with New Zealand’s horticultural industry, your quality audience will be waiting for you at this year’s National Horticultural Field Day.

The 2018 National Horticultural Field Day will be promoted throughout New Zealand through a variety of industry networks including industry publications, radio and social media. 

We regularly communicate with news, special features and giveaways so keep in touch over the coming months to find out how your business can be profiled as part of the National Horticultural Field Day. 

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The Breakfast event kicks off the National Horticultural Field Day, the leading industry event bringing together industry heads, researchers, scientists and industry representatives for a day of education, innovation and information sharing. The Breakfast is a fantastic way to kick off a great day at the Field Day!

We will be announcing our keynote speakers shortly



National Horticultural Field Day Competitions 

Several exciting competitions take place each year at the National Horticultural Field Days, including the Ravensdown Innovation Award, Hawke's Bay Young Fruitgrower of the Year, NZ Hydralada Competition and ECR Forklift competition. 


First Prize $1000 cash!

This award is specifically designed to highlight the technology and innovation that is integral in Horticulture today. As New Zealand’s Horticultural industries grow, advancements in technology and research are integral to the industry’s success. 

The Ravensdown Innovation Award is a way to celebrate the innovation and World class technology that New Zealand businesses are using to transform and grow their industry.  

Previous winners of this award include Plant, Detection Systems, Scionon, Tow and Blow, Rockit Apples and Hydratorq Biofume Ozone.

Click here for full details of entry information

Click here to enter the 2017 Ravensdown Innovation Award

hawke's bay young fruitgrower of the year competition

The Hawke’s Bay Young Fruitgrower competition aims to inspire and acknowledge the talents of young people employed in the fruit sectors in the Hawke’s Bay. This popular event has been running for many years with many talented and successful Hawke's Bay horticulturalists taking part. 

Contestants in the competition demonstrate their practical skills at eight stations during the National Horticultural Field Days, followed by a Dinner event where they participate in a quiz and present a speech on a given topic to the audience.


The challenge will again be laid down to all Hydralada operators to enter the annual New Zealand Hydralada® Competition to be held at the National Horticultural Field Day on Thursday 28 June at the Showgrounds Hawkes Bay.

You must be a competent Hydralada operator to take part. The competition is run from 1pm - 3pm, over a timed course with the ten fastest competitors called back for a final from 3pm. Register on the day. Competitors can complete their first run anytime after 1pm. 

1st $300 cash, 2nd $200 cash, 3rd $100 cash


Entrants have the chance to show off thier skill, efficiency and understanding of safety requirements as they complete challenges set out by the ECR team. You can register on the day and must have an OSH                        Forklift licence.

Competitors will be judged over a set course based on skill and accuracy. Competition runs all day and winner will be announced at the end of the day.

$500 cash prize for the winner




Visitor Information

The National Horticultural Field Day is a great opportunity to get away from the Orchard, off the Harvester or out from behind the desk and catch up with others from the industry, learn, explore and network. 

The 2018 Field Day is going to be fantastic!

Trade sites are nearly all sold out, we will have a large demo area, great entertainment, hospitality and competitions. Further information will be available here over the coming weeks. 


Click here to download your complimentary tickets for the National Horticultural Field Day (available soon)



 2018 National Horticultural Field Day Programme will be available soon


The National Horticultural Field Day includes a comprehensive Trade display featuring businesses selling everything from sprayers and harvesters to pallets, software and pruning equipment.

Alongside these products a range of service providers are on site to discuss health and safety, industry programmes, insurance and accountancy services. 

Unlike other Agricultural Field Days, the National Horticultural Field Day is all about Horticulture. As an industry event, its a great way to attend free seminars presented by industry experts, watch some competitions and network with others from this innovative industry. 


We put together a comprehensive School's programme "Pick a career in Horticulture". With two morning sessions and interactive tour of the Field Day, its a great opportunity for Secondary School students to learn about the endless opportunities in Horticulture. 

For more information please contact Erin Simpson from Pipfruit NZ. 



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key dates

National Horticultural Field Day
Thurs 28 June 2018

8.30am - 4.30pm
Showgrounds Hawkes Bay