Welcome to the 2018 Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards

The Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards now in their 18th year is the oldest regional wine awards competition in New Zealand.  The Awards objective is to identify, promote and celebrate excellence in wine making in the Hawke’s Bay region as well as endorsing the contribution viticulture has to the economic, cultural and social well-being of Hawke’s Bay.
Entries are accepted from wineries with wine made from 85% Hawke’s Bay grapes. Over 90% of Hawke’s Bay wineries including multinational wine makers with vineyards in and out of Hawke’s Bay enter this competition.
Full List of  2017 Results   
Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Association endorses and supports the Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Competition and the role it plays to identify, promote and celebrate excellence in wine making in the Hawke's Bay region while recognising the contribution viticulture plays in the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of Hawke's Bay 




Entry Detail

Entry Form - Rules and Regulations
Entries can be submitted by; 

 1. Scanned and emailed to
2. Enter  
Invoices will be emailed for payment prior to Judging.  
Entry Fee: $$65.00 + GST per wine entry.  Student Entry Fee: Nil

Entries Open 1 July 2018

ENTRIES OPEN:  1st July 2018
ENTRIES CLOSE: 7 September 2018 - No late entries, Electronic entries will be accepted at Wine Show

LABELS SENT TO ENTRANTS BY:  Posted week 10 to 14 September 2018
SAMPLE WINE DELIVERY REQUIRED BY: 3pm – 20 September 2018, Any wine received after this date will not be judged.  Delivery to Wineworks Hawke’s Bay, 5 James Rochfort Place, Flaxmere, Hastings 4175, clearly marked “WINE AWARDS”  If you are a customer of Wineworks Hawke’s Bay, labels will not be sent to you they will go direct to Wineworks. (please indicate on entry form)

JUDGING: 24 & 25 September 2018, Eastern Institute of Technology School of Wine Sensory Laboratory
INDUSTRY EXHIBITOR TASTING: 26 September 2018 – 9.30am Eastern Institute of Technology
AWARDS DINNER: 16 October 2018 - Waikoko Gardens, Showgrounds Hawke’s Bay


Competition Information and the 2018 Judges

Competition Objective
  • To identify, promote and celebrate excellence in wine making in the Hawke's Bay region.
  • To endorse the contribution of viticulture to the economic, cultural and social well-being of Hawke’s Bay.
  • To champion the role of the Hawke’s Bay A&P Society to the Hawke’s Bay community.
  • To secure the continuing financial viability of the competition.
2018 Judges:  

Chairman of Judges - Rod Easthope
During my school holidays I worked in my stepfather's Dartmoor Valley vineyards. And I loved it. Dry dusty summers working up and own rows on tractors and foot were the greatest foundation for the career that followed. I met wine makers who arrived in their impressive Utes to inspect the crop and make picking decisions.
I subserviently hung to each comment they made as they wandered around the vineyard - it was provocative stuff for a 14 year old yet to decide his path.
Back then a degree from Roseworthy College in South Australia was the leading qualification for oenology and viticulture. Armed with that I embarked on winemaking roles in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy and France (no coincidence they are all Rugby playing nations!).
I was spoilt with many visits to the great vineyards of France and had more great bottles of wine than my financial station or age warranted due to the generosity of others. Gradually these experiences catalysed my evolution from academic winemaker to intuitive, purist winegrower.
Much of my career has been spent trying to emulate those inspiring wines. Now though, it's time to craft wines that taste like no other.

Senior JUDGES:

associate JUDGES:



Awards and Results

2017 Results
Trophies will be awarded to the Champion Wine in each class, selected from the gold medals in that class. A Merit Award will be given in any class that has no gold medals.

Major Awards

  • Doug Wisor Memorial Trophy

    Doug Wisor was a brilliant young American born winemaker at Craggy Range, who passed away in 2004 following a freak and tragic kite surfing accident.

    Doug started with Craggy Range in the middle of 2000, fresh from a vintage at Dry River and a startling career as a young man in California alongside Ted Lemon, his great mentor. He came to Craggy Range to make great Pinot Noir and he brought with him an in depth knowledge of oenology and practical winemaking. 

    Doug also shared with Steve Smith a great love of the wines of France, single vineyard expression in wine, natural where possible, and wine where texture is the most important element.

    During his time with Craggy Range Doug made some of the greatest wines this country has seen. He single-handedly created a Syrah style that has made the world notice something spectacular happening in the vineyards of New Zealand that no one had ever considered.

    He was also a great young man, personable and caring about his colleagues, staff and friends.

    Past Winners
    • 2004  Trinity Hill – Homage Syrah 2002
    • 2005  Sacred Hill – Thief Syrah 2004
    • 2006  Trinity Hill – Homage Syrah 2004
    • 2007  Vidal Wines – Reserve Syrah 2006
    • 2008  Villa Maria – Selection Syrah 2006
    • 2009  Balthazar – Syrah Gimblett Rd 2007
    • 2010  Church Road Winery – Syrah 2009
    • 2011  Alpha Domus – Barnstormer Syrah 2010
    • 2012  Esk Valley Estate – Reserve  Syrah 2010
    • 2013  Vidal – Gimblett Gravels HB Syrah 2010
    • 2014  Pernod Ricard - Couper's Shed Syrah 2013
    • 2015 Villa Maria Cellar Selection Hawke's Bay Syrah 2013
    • 2016 - Pernod Ricard, Boundary Vineyards Farm Lane Hawke's Bay Syrah 2015
    • 2017 - Church Road McDonald Series Syrah 2015


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The story behind the Trophies

When we were first asked to design the Hawke’s Bay Wine Awards in 2004, my intention was to create an identity which could be used as a recognisable symbol throughout all ongoing awards.  I took the stylised skeleton of a grape leaf which was the negative (or inverse) of a special one-off award that I had designed for Steve Smith of Craggy Range in 2003.  It has formed the basis for all of the awards since their inception.  Every year since we have designed a different overall award, which have all incorporated the same stylised leaf.  Included are several objects designed for the display of the winning bottle, bowls of various sizes, wine glasses, bottles and even a recycled glass leaf.  This has built up into a strong design collection which has never been seen in its entirety — a legacy of the partnership between David Trubridge Ltd and the local Wine Awards. While the overall winner receives a unique trophy each year, the runners up are given a simple plaque also featuring the same leaf design.  Here are images of these Trophies.  Regards David

2004 - Sacred Hill
2005 - Sacred Hill
2006 - Trinity Hill 
2007 - Vidal
2008 - Villa Maria
2009 - Balthazar
2010 - Church Road 
2011 - Villa Maria
2012 - Esk Valley  
2013 - Vidal 
2014 - Villa Maria
2015 - Esk Valley
2016 - Pernod Ricard, Boundary Vineyards 
2017 - Te Awa Single Estate Gimblett Gravels Hawke's Bay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2015



Welcome to the 2018 Hawke's Bay Cellar Door of the Year

2017 Winners - Church Road Winery
Whilst continuing to recognise service and excellence at your Cellar Door, the Hawke’s Bay Cellar Door of the Year Award will reflect the overall performance of the Winery rather than an individual.

Sponsored by 

Past Winners
• 2002 - Geoff Wilson - Clearview Estate
• 2003 - John Thirkell - Brookfields Vineyards
• 2004 - Sue Cranswick - Esk Valley Estate
• 2005 - Christine Harris - Kim Crawford Wines
• 2006 - Brandon Nash - Craggy Range Winery
• 2007 - Gideon Lizra - Askerne Estate Winery
• 2008 - CJ Pask Winery
• 2009 - Salvare Estate
• 2010 - Sileni Estates
• 2011 - Church Road Winery
• 2012 - Sileni Estates
• 2013 - Sileni Estates
• 2014 - Junction Wines
• 2015 - Sileni Estates
• 2016 - Black Barn Vineyards
• 2017 - Church Road Winery


The 2018 Awards night will be held in a spectacular marquee in the beautiful and historic Waikoko Gardens on the 16th October 2018.
The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the trophy winners, as selected by our International and National Judges.  
A four course meal prepared by four of Hawke's Bays leading chefs:

Tickets available by contacting Hillary 06 8783123 ext 705, 027 2588784 or 2018 Judged and Awarded wines will be served throughout the evening.



More than just sponsors, these companies have chosen to support the Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards because they believe they have a role to play in its continued success.  Take time to explore what our sponsors have to offer.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us.



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Contact Details


Hawke’s Bay A&P Society
Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds
Kenilworth Road
06 878 3123

Max Morton 

Tim Creagh
Eastern Institute of Technology 

Rod Easthope (Easthope Family Winegrowers) 

Warren Gibson, Trinity Hill

key contacts

Event Manager
Hillary Riches   
06 878 3123              
Awards Dinner Event Manager
Bridget Hyslop  
06 874 2834              


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