The New Zealand Edible Garden Show, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September, is a “must attend” event celebrating all aspects of edible gardens from garden to table. This event will appeal to everyone from seasoned gardeners to complete novices, enthusiastic cooks, lifestylers, families, youth and anyone who wants to embrace a healthier way of living.

Encapsulating four key cornerstones:






Within these elements there will be a range of great entertainment as well as educational opportunities with workshops, presentations, competitions and the opportunity to mix and mingle with experts within these fields. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the New Zealand Edible Garden Show and put your brand and products either as a sponsor or exhibitor in front of the buying public. We are expecting an audience of 8,000 people from local communities and out of town visitors to this event and the best part is it’s a FREE public event.

The New Zealand Edible Garden is the only national event dedicated to the “Edible Garden”. Owned and Event Managed by the Hawke’s Bay A&P Society, hosted by the Society in the iconic Waikoko Gardens, Showgrounds Hawke’s Bay in Hastings.  

Any other questions, please contact Kirsten Fyfe, Event Coordinator, NZ Edible Garden, #growediblegarden


The NZ Edible Garden is an exciting way to find out how you can grow your dinner. There’s something for everyone from workshops, “over the fence” Q&A, demonstrations on jam-making, preserving and pickling to buying anything and everything you’ll need to start to grow your very own edible garden in the coming season.

There’s lots to entertain from the pop up town farm to taking a coffee break in the village green, having some fun dressing up and taking a selfie in the social playground. Wander around the display gardens and learn how other cultures grow and harvest their edible gardens.

Check out the site map which is a graphic representation of the event and not representative of the actual layout.

Entry is free for the public and there is plenty of free car parking available.


The programme of #growediblegarden will be available in August.

  • Essential Information

    Public Entry into the event is via:
    Gate 1 off Kenilworth Road
    Gate 3 off Kenilworth Road
    All gates open at 10.00am and gates close at 4pm. 

    There are bathroom facilities at the event. 

    Lost Children 
    Please direct your children to the information stand, in the centre of the gardens.

  • Parking

    There are plenty of public car parks available at the event, all car parking is off Kenilworth Road.

    Disability Car Park is located off Kenilworth Road, by Gate 3. 

    The Sponsors and Trades Car Park is off Kenilworth Road Gate 1.
  • Eftpos

    We will have EFTPOS available at the information stand.
  • Food and Drink

    There will be food and drink available at the Village Green. 

    Coffee carts are also located in various other positions around the Gardens. 

    You are more than welcome to bring along a picnic to enjoy with your family inside the Gardens or in the car park. 

    No alcohol is permitted to be brought into the Gardens.
  • Accommodation

    There are plenty of motels located in close proximity to the Showgrounds on Karamu Road.
  • Lost Property

    Please visit the information stand if you lose items in the Gardens.


Any other questions, please contact Kirsten Fyfe, Event Coordinator, NZ Edible Garden or phone on 06 878 3123, 702. 

The answer to healthy families in the future. 

  • Colouring in Competition

    This competition will be starting in mid-July, come back and visit this page soon.
  • Kids Garden in a Box

    Grow your garden at home in a box and bring it along to the event. The rules for this challenge are:

    • Your garden must be no bigger than 60cm x 60cm.
    • Gardens may be decorated and there are no rules on what your garden can be grown in (as long as it does not exceed the dimensions).
    • Gardens must have a name, email address and phone number attached to them.
    • Gardens must be delivered to the venue by 11am on Saturday 12 September for Judging and can be collected on Sunday 13 September 2015 after 3pm.
    • All gardens will be on show to the public.
    • Prizes will be given on, originality, best use of space and decoration. 
    • The Judges decision will be final.
  • The Warehouse Schools Garden Challenge

    Schools register to take part in this challenge, bin, plants and soil supplied. It’s up to the schools to design and dress their bins. Click here for more information and registration form.
  • The Preserve Off

    You’ve grown it, preserved it – now compete in the "preserve-off", a twist on the old-fashioned “bake-off”.

    Send in your labelled jars to the NZ Edible Garden Show by 1 September. Competition is free to enter.


    • Beetroot Battle – you’ve bottled it, we want to taste it.
    • Compeaches – home-made bottled peaches – wanted for competition.
    • Jam Clash – strawberry, feijoa, marmalade, apricot etc.
    • The Relish Quest – tomato, feijoa, zucchini etc
    • The Sauce Master – plum, tomato etc
    See below for the rules.

  • Bring in your crazy shaped vegetable

    Grow it, name it and bring it to the Show.

    • The vegetable must have been grown in your garden. 
    • Name your vegetable – eg “Carrot Robot”, “Strawbeary”.
    • This competition is open to all amateur gardeners, no commercial gardeners.
    See below for the rules.

  • Make an "Animal" out of fruit or vegetables

    Get creative with your home-grown fruit or vegetable and make an animal.

    • Part of the fruit or vegetable must have come from your garden. 
    • This competition is open to children up to 16 years old. Make sure your age is on your name tag, as prizes are given in age groups: up to 5; 5 to 8; 8 to 12; and 12 to 15 years.
    See below for the rules.

  • General Competition rules:

    • Vegetables, “Animals”, Artwork, Kids Challenge Gardens and Preserves must be delivered to the venue by 10.30am on Saturday 12 September for Judging and can be collected on Sunday 13 September after 3.30pm.

    • Artwork and the Preserves can be sent to Kirsten Fyfe prior to 12 September: 
      -  Post: Kirsten Fyfe, NZ Edible Garden Show, PO Box 349, Hastings 4156. 
      -  Drop off: Kirsten Fyfe, A&P Society, Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds, Kenilworth Road, Hastings. 
    • Vegetables, “Animals”, Artwork and Gardens must have a contact name, phone number and email address attached.

    •  All Vegetables, “Animals”, Artwork, Gardens and Preserves will be on show to the public.

    • The Judges decision will be final.


Links to rules

For more information please contact Kirsten Fyfe, Event Coordinator, or phone 06 878 3123, 702.


We're working with local restaurateurs to bring you healthy recipes picked from your garden. 

Join our recipe group and get sent a new recipe every week. Sign me up.

Any other questions, please contact Kirsten Fyfe, Event Coordinator, NZ Edible Garden or phone 06 878 3123, 702.


Put your brand and products in front of thousands of grow your own enthusiasts who are actively interested in growing food at home, keeping livestock and cooking fresh meals with their produce.

This two day event is perfectly timed for the beginning of the growing season. 

Don’t delay, book your site now.

Read the terms and conditions online and check out the site map.

display gardens - Put your business in front of 8,000 people in a unique way

Set up a Display Garden based around your business using edible garden elements. A great way to interact with attendees at this event. Exhibits must be an Edible Garden, props are acceptable. Displays can be walked through by visitors. Contact Kirsten Fyfe or phone 06 878 3123 ext 702 to find out if you are eligible for this opportunity.


“From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” Aeschylus

The Hawke’s Bay A&P Society has developed the event from a small seed. We expect to host around 8,000 people during the 2015 event. 

75 Trade Exhibitors
50 Volunteers
Credible Presenters
Extensive media campaign over radio, magazine, newspaper

In its role as Owners and Event Managers of the New Zealand Edible Garden Show the Hawke’s Bay A&P Society take pride in delivering consistently successful events where sponsors and partners are not only looked after but showcased to a targeted audience. 

Sponsorship is a 12-month partnership of awareness, hospitality, brand recognition and promotion of your business. It goes without saying that this is a wonderful opportunity for successful businesses to leverage off this event, expose your brand to the public and increase your market awareness. If visitors to this event are enjoying themselves the more they are likely to spend, they will also associate their experience of the event with sponsors, exhibitors and partners who are involved.

Click here to find out what opportunities are available.

Any other questions, please contact Hillary Riches, Business Development Manager or phone on 06 878 3123.


PARTNERS AND Supporters 

                  Enviroschools Hawke's Bay supports the NZ Edible Garden


This site map  is a graphic representation of the event and may not be representative of the actual layout.

More specific site information will be available nearer the event.

Any other questions, please contact Kirsten Fyfe, Event Coordinator, NZ Edible Garden or phone on 06 878 3123, 702.


Hawke’s Bay A&P Society
Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds, Kenilworth Road, Hastings
06 878 3123

Business Development Manager
Hillary Riches  

General Manager
Brent Linn   

Event Coordinator
Kirsten Fyfe
06 878 3123 Ext 702


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Saturday 12th September 2015

Sunday 13th September 2015